Policy Brief Discussion 1: Are the Children Well?

Community schools are a viable option for two-generational impact

Community schools place health and wellness alongside learning and family supports to reinforce two-generation impact. Through community school partnerships, schools become hubs for early childhood education, well-child visits, family financial literacy, after school and summer programs, behavioral health counseling, high school and college preparation, and much more.


Further, community schools present an opportunity to develop students and parents as leaders to advocate for a more comprehensive system of care. More than just the recipients of a service, parents and students are in a powerful position to advocate for change.


Here are just a few examples of public agencies and organizations facilitating transformation: CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/wscc/index.html; Family League of Baltimore City: www.familyleague.org; Elev8: www.elev8kids.org; Coalition for Community Schools: www.communityschools.org; School-Based Health Alliance: www.sbh4all.org