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Data Linkage to Financial Distress Among Cancer Patients

Cancer bankrupts patients and families. The Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research aims to change this. HICOR combines the dual expertise of Dr. Scott Ramsey, a nationally recognized public health clinician and economist. Our unique perspective promises transformative improvements for the well-being of cancer patients. No other groups are quantitatively assessing or addressing the full economic and social impacts of financial distress among cancer patients. Our research could empower patients to help themselves in ways that don’t exist yet. HICOR has developed a web-based financial tracking system for patient out-of-pocket patient costs, an excellent prototype for development for similar uses nation-wide. We can create a vital, expandable and unique database resource to help patients and advocacy groups reduce the risk of bankruptcy. It could allow clinicians to partner with patients, their advocates, education groups, and intervention design experts to reduce the financial burden of cancer for patients and families.



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