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Diamond Cutter "Thoughts are Things": Mind, Body and Spirit

Current thinking in the U.S health system is doctors heal patients from the outside in.

Diamond Cutter believes that health begins from the inside out; and in many instances, other than trauma, is within the control of the client through the control of their thoughts. Research currently being done in epigenetics, quantum physics and neurotheology speaks to the mind-body connection


Our approach includes the total person:


Work on the mental plane using dialogue to determine the client’s thought processes.


Identify physical activity(s) that may act as a portal, identifying clients's thought patterns.

Identify ancillary practitioners.


Engage in spiritual counseling to determine any dissonance.


Regarding overall health, clients’ thoughts are most important to their mental/emotional well being, which impacts their physical health. Our philosophy is we are always at choice as to what we choose to think and where we place our attention.



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