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End-of-Life decisions created, stored and shared as video and a Living Directive

The health system has a new metric "value". Patients making decisions for end of life care through an advanced directive, accomplishes both higher quality outcomes, and reduces costs by 36%. End of life without appropriate planning leads to wasteful choices. Today 80% people would choose to be at home, but less than 20% of us are. End of life care starts with a conversation with your family, but it is a hard topic to bring up. Patients might even have the necessary paper work done but then fail to tell anyone. A document is boring and only 7% of patients have had the conversation with their doctor. Paper documents are often unavailable or lost. I am frustrated with this, are you?


That is why we created Vimty. Vimty is a company aimed at helping all of us make our decisions known. Use it yourself, with your loved ones, with your patients, and together we can make it easier to understand, share, and follow our personal decisions for end of life care.



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