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Gluten Free Decision Tree

Gluten sensitivity is on the rise. Sensitivities to gluten (the protein in wheat/barley/rye) are difficult to diagnose because patients have such varied symptoms. More than half the patients go undiagnosed for 10+ years, and many are never diagnosed.

Unfortunately our medical system has a hard time diagnosing/treating many gluten sensitive patients. Gastroenterologists, Endocrinologists, and other docs may be involved depending on the patient's symptoms - and these folks have a narrow field of view according to their specialty. It's a very silo-functional approach that is unable to connect the dots and misses the big picture.

This idea creates a decision tree that helps patients get a holistic solution. It collates the experiences of the gluten free community into a format that enables patients to step thru their issues and receive guidance based on the community's experiences. Not a replacement for a doctor's care, but a tool that connects the dots. (like Tax-Prep software - steps patients thru an otherwise complex problem)



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