Policy Brief Discussion 3: Fragile Families

If violence is the symptom, what is the cure?

Community, domestic and parental violence are all symptoms of the same disease - trauma. 'Fight' is a trauma response and if you live in the survival part of your brain, as many survivors to, then everything will be seen as a potential threat with only one conditioned response - violence. There really is no separation between the types of violence, only that resilience depends on whether you have experienced a physical and emotional safe relationship with a nurturing caregiver. At Echo Parenting & Education, we teach caregivers and professionals how to create a safe, stable nurturing relationship with children so that those children will create safe and peaceful families and communities. We also are piloting a trauma-informed school initiative, to bring trauma awareness and nonviolence into the classroom. This cannot immediately remove violence from the community, but it's the best hope we've got for creating a more peaceful world for our children to live in.