Pioneer Pitch Day

Loyalty rewards cards, lottery tickets and check-ins for a healthier America

Many people have loyalty rewards cards and buy lottery tickets. Rewards cards yield incentives and lottery tickets, sometimes, yield big payouts.


But instead of incentives, let’s use a proven peer pressure technique employed by hotels to encourage towel/linen reuse. Every time a customer swipes a card, cashiers read out a pre-programmed message stating something like: “Did you know people who shopped today using your cart bought an average of 3-5 vegetables?”(could also include messages about medication + printed message on receipt)


And instead of unchecked winnings, let’s make rewards card and lottery ticket payouts contingent on showing proof of healthy living. Every payout requires proof of [some combination of] healthy food purchases (itemized receipts), gym visitations (check-ins), and medication adherence (prescription refill receipts).


This system could easily be implemented using existing retail information management/billing systems.


Healthy eating, exercise and adherence: simple, transformative and sustainable.



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