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Music and Song as an Interactive Calming Tool Easing Fear and Pain for Children in Hospitalization

Music and song can literally transform a child's experience,during challenging hospital routines and procedures. Scared, sometimes under anesthetized, occasionally even forcefully restrained during necessary treatment, children's suffering can be minimized, even sometimes eliminated, simply by using music. As the parent or nurse sings to or with the child everyone relaxes as endorphins run through the central nervous system elevating mood and calming the situation. Pain and anxiety are eased. This could change the entire paradigm of the healing experience for children simply by singing with them or assisting them to stay tuned to music during a medical challenge. The difference is nothing short of miraculous for everyone involved.


Sing and Hum,, is one application of a children's musical program to ease challenging situations. Children learn early that they can use music to calm themselves. if they are scared, in pain, or being teased. Music medicine will change the world for children.



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