Pioneer Pitch Day

Rights Bring Responsibilities ... Breeding Pride,Care and Comitment

Health is a public good. Health care is not an individual event, but rather a system that impacts each member of society, with each individual user having a role. In this context, we must reposition our understanding of health care as not just a basic right, but as a basic right and responsibility. Health care needs to be valued in a manner akin to our national security. Each citizen has assets, which can help us to solve our current health care crisis. The path to revolutionize health care must start from within the community. The program is a fresh call to action to change the way we address health care in our communities. The program relies on existing community assets, bundling them in a manner that supports student success based on the students’ interest and desire for community change. The key to the effort is it casts adolescents in all communities as positive agents of change by acting as public health social entrepreneurs and making reality that the basic right and responsibilities are needed for transformation



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