Pioneer Pitch Day

The Bio Map to Health

Diagnostic process leads to patients spending years returning to physicians for the same problems. This affects the morale of a person and impacts the cost significantly. At Human Plus we seek to revolutionize healthcare by developing advancements in search technologies, bioinformatics, high-throughput (HT) assays and multiplexing technologies. We seek to improve the diagnostics and therapeutics using Triphase, a 3-stage process. Stage 1 establishes Biological networks and pathways based on data obtained from publications. Stage 2 uses networks to establish informative HT diagnostic arrays. Stage 3 uses diagnostics and outcomes to screen for personalized therapeutics. The staggered design of the phases allows each stage to be completed and mapped before the next condition is started. Our vision is to change the way people experience healthcare. The data is currently amassed and growing exponentially. Thorough analysis is an opportunity that will bring efficiency to our health.



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