Policy Brief Discussion 1: Are the Children Well?

how does one make this happen?

My concern about this report is not the content, which is basically what many of us have written at one time or another (and it's perfectly good). It's the challenge, in these times, of making grand recommendations. For some time, I have written about the urgency of state and community level dialogue and engagement. Working with schools, with community groups, with state advocacy groups...this is where we must focus...our research should support those at these levels who are trying to do the work this report describes and that many of us wholeheartedly endorse. The old advocacy paradigm of stating "needs" is simply no longer effective. We have to support the foundational activity that community and school-community groups so. These groups are compelled to constantly stop when funding dries up. We should be building a long-term network of state level and school-community alliances, which will differ in tactics from place to place but share common goals of public health. SAMHSA's recent SEA grant is one of the few good things happening.