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myAdvocate: a digital health resource to empower patients

We intend to develop a digital health resource called myAdvocate that addresses language barriers, variation in health literacy levels, allows patients to prepare for their clinical visits and follows up on key information exchanged with their caregivers. This digital resource will not only engage patients in their care through basic health knowledge prior to their visit, but it will also prompt them to ask the right questions. Moreover, myAdvocate will allow patients to remember important information shared by their caregivers. We hypothesize myAdvocate can help reduce the patient-provider communication gap and significantly improve the quality of interaction. The outcomes expected with this type of enhanced interaction include, better patient understanding of information, higher rates of compliance to medical advice and less medical errors. The empowering features of myAdvocate will also motivate patients to engage in treatment decision making, leading to better health management, treatment efficiency, and lower costs of care.



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