Policy Brief Discussion 2: Trauma and Resilience

socio-economic factors

Regarding socio-economic disparities, in order to ensure that resources are reaching *all* children in need, education across the board is crucial. William Penn Fdn has funded programs to address this in the age 0-3 cohort; but education is needed for children, families, teachers in the K-8 and high-school levels as well, where negative behaviors tend to manifest and lead to disciplinary challenges. Teachers often comment that not all of their students have trauma hx; but awareness and interventions (self-soothing techniques, safety cards, mindfulness, yoga, classroom "time-outs", Peace corners, relaxation time) can be useful to teachers and parents of all children, help in general classroom management, and promote more time spent on teaching/learning rather than discipline. Education/Tools --> Awareness --> Referrals --> Decrease in disciplinary problems. This links to the discussion about school-based health centers.